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Signed and numbered limited edition giclée prints by Karen Lee Dernedde.  Originals works also featured.

What is a Giclée?
Giclée (pronounced zhee-clay), a French term meaning "spray of ink", is a process that utilizes the IRIS printer, the most sophisticated digital printer for fine art to date.  Pushing the leading edge of art printmaking, digital printmaking has earned its reputation as one of the most creative mediums available to today's working artists.  Its capabilities of range and responsiveness are virtually unparalleled in the fine art world.  The prints it produces are well known for their color density, saturation and brilliance.

What is a limited edition?
The concept of "edition" is basic to the world of serial art.  A Limited Edition is defined as a high quality reproduction of an original work of art that are numbered and signed individually by the artist with the total number of the reproduction given (i.e. 5/100).  Once the edition is sold out (i.e. 100), no more limited edition prints of that image can be produced which is what can make the print valuable on the resale or "secondary market."
Certificate of Authenticity
The Certificate of Authenticity gives authentic fine-art, the opportunity to distinguish their work from posters or reproductions.  By offering the extensive information of the Certificate artists can guarantee the authenticity of their work.  A proper Certificate of Authenticity is an additional value added to a fine-art print.